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People who love to eat are always the best people

Making pasta all shapes and sizes

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Dad’s allotment minestrone

As it is Father’s Day, it is only fitting to mention my old man and his allotment. Given the choice, I think that he would happily move into his shed with his wind up radio and a watering can for company. Given the choice, I think my mum would happily help him move just to get a bit of peace and quiet in the house. He loves nothing more than whiling away a Sunday afternoon tending to his tomatoes and digging up his potatoes.

Whenever I go home I am always really impressed with the amount and variety of vegetables he has harvested. Even with the horrible weather that we have had for the past few months there seems to be a never-ending supply of vegetable goodies. He always sets aside a box for me to take back to my flat, partly to get rid of his leftovers and partly to make sure that I don’t get scurvy -and I’m always happy to help!

With my last boxful I decided to make a lovely minestrone / vegetable soup. You certainly cannot beat a delicious, hearty soup… even in the middle of June!


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193 bites around the world

Earlier this week the people at unearthed underwent the mammoth task of eating their way around all 193 countries of the world. And all in 24 hours! After doing some research they discovered that only half the population had tried between 1-7 international cuisines. So they set themselves the challenge to create a menu that covered all geographical bases. Their culinary journey had stopovers in Turkey for baklava moving on to the more exotic (and crunchy) fried crickets of the Congo and even served up humble strawberries and cream, just in time for Wimbledon!

Read more about the challenge here: http://www.discoverunearthed.com/193-course-meal/

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Weekend baking

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"People who love to eat are always the best people."
Julia Child
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